Five Step To A New Kitchen

Here is our recipe for success - a five step process to creating your new kitchen!

A face-to-face interview, preferably at your home, will enable our designer to get an accurate feel of your kitchen space and the general décor of your house. At this meeting, our designer will present Kitchen Technology's services and will exchange possible ideas for remodeling your kitchen. You will also discuss cabinetry style and finish, countertop material, flooring, lighting, and appliances. This meeting usually lasts around forty-five minutes, and there is no fee or obligation on your part.

The design process is the most crucial part of any kitchen renovation project. Since the kitchen is the most complex room in your home, it requires the highest degree of accuracy. For this reason, Kitchen Technology's designer will arrange a time to conduct a detailed survey of your kitchen for the purpose of creating a ½" scale floor plan. The survey takes about an hour to conduct. At this stage, we ask for a design deposit of  $ 200.00 to $ 500.00  for an average kitchen that does not include additions or substantial structural work. This deposit will later go towards your cabinet order.

Our designer will create several different design proposals for you to review. We will present these alternatives, as well as a floor plan, elevation drawings, and freehand perspective renderings at our next meeting. You will select the most appealing layout and discuss possible modifications for the finalized design. We also discuss in greater detail your choice of cabinetry style and finish, plumbing and lighting fixtures, tile and countertop, appliances, and other kitchen accessories. This stage spans over an average of three to four on-hour meetings either at your home or in Kitchen Technology's studio.

Having finalized your selections, you will meet with our designer to receive an accurate price for cabinetry, plumbing and lighting fixtures, tile, countertop, appliances, and other kitchen peripherals as well as for related construction services. As a full-service firm, Kitchen Technology can provide a wide range of installation, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, flooring, tile and countertop work.

The design is the most important, challenging and exciting part of creating a new kitchen. On average, we initially spend about twenty hours measuring, designing, drawing, and pricing your project. The $200 design deposit is a good-faith sign that you are serious about your project, and it covers only a tiny fraction of the time and energy spent on actually creating the design. For that reason, we only release your design after you make a deposit towards a cabinet order from Kitchen Technology. If you would like to have our designs, elevation drawings, and perspective renderings without ordering cabinetry, you may purchase them for a flat fee of $2,500.

Monday, September 8, 2014
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